Get a guaranteed income for life

Compare Pension Annuity Rates

Get a guaranteed income for life

Compare Pension Annuity Rates

Why choose Annuity Ready?

Enter your information once and we can search the whole pension annuity market for you. We'll help you find out if you can get a higher annuity income than offered by your current pension provider.

Our pension lifetime annuity calculator includes health and lifestyle questions. So, if you’re eligible, we can find you enhanced annuity quotes without the need for follow up phone calls.

You can then view guaranteed quotes and apply online.

Whole of market comparison

Unlike some other sites, we’ll show you an on-screen comparison of annuity quotes from UK pension annuity providers. We won’t pass your details onto third party advisers or offer you advice.

Almost 200 years’ experience

Part of Legal & General Group, one of Europe’s largest insurance and asset management groups. Yet we work independently to bring you unbiased, no obligation quotes.

Award-winning service

This award from The Financial Services Forum reflects our dedication to putting our customers first. Making it as easy as possible to compare pension annuity rates online.

Get a pension annuity in three steps…

Buying an annuity is an irreversible decision so it’s important to shop around. At Annuity Ready, we allow you to compare rates from the whole market. Follow these three steps to see if you could secure a higher income for your retirement.

Research your options

You may want to take advantage of your right to guidance from Pension Wise. This is the Government’s free and impartial service, offering support to help you make sense of the options available.

You can book an appointment online or by calling 0800 011 3797

Compare annuity rates

Fill in our form and compare pension annuity rates from all providers in the open market.

Remember, giving us your health and lifestyle information may allow us to find enhanced annuity quotes. These could provide you with a higher income.

Apply with Annuity Ready

Once you've compared results you can adjust your quote to see how variables like tax-free cash could affect your annuity income. You can even save your most recent quotes to review later.

If you find an annuity rate, you’re happy with, simply apply with Annuity Ready.

We can search the whole pension annuity market to help find you a higher annuity income than offered by your current pension provider.

What is a pension annuity?

A pension annuity is an insurance policy that you can buy with some, or all, your pension funds to secure a regular guaranteed income. There are different annuity types to suit different needs.

At Annuity Ready, we help you to compare pension lifetime annuity rates from all providers in the open market.

If you’re planning your retirement and want the certainty of a guaranteed income for life, then a pension lifetime annuity may be right for you.

You can use our annuity calculator if you’re aged between 55 and 84 years 9 months and have a pension fund over £2000.

Why buy a pension annuity?

Guaranteed income for life

Enjoy peace of mind through your retirement in knowing you can’t outlive your money.

Enhanced annuities

You could receive a higher income if you have certain medical conditions and/or are overweight, or smoke.

Up to 25% tax-free cash

You can take up to 25% of your pension fund tax-free before you buy your annuity.

Low-risk, fixed rate income

Your annuity income will not be affected by stock market volatility or economic uncertainty.

Leave something behind

You can choose annuity options to support your loved ones after you’ve gone.

100% FSCS protected

Your annuity income is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Protect against inflation

You can choose to have your annuity income increase annually to help keep up with inflation.

Available from age 55

You don’t need to retire to buy a lifetime annuity.

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What is a pension annuity?

Find out more about pension annuities, the different types and how they work.

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