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AnnuityReady is a free to use service that lets you compare lifetime annuity quotes, online. We’ve built an online tool that gives you the convenience of shopping around in one place, without the need to complete multiple forms or make lots of phone calls. When you find a lifetime annuity that suits you, we make sure you get to the right place in order to buy a lifetime annuity online.

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Our instant lifetime annuity calculator allows you to see how much income you could receive based on your current pension pot savings. Simply enter some basic details about your pension fund, age and health status and you can instantly compare lifetime annuity rates across the market.

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Annuities Explained
What is an annuity?

An annuity is an insurance policy that you can buy with a lump sum to provide a regular income.
There are different types of annuities available that can provide different levels of income for you. It’s important to consider your personal circumstances to help you choose an annuity that’s right for you.
The most common type of pension related annuity is known as a lifetime annuity. This provides you with the security of a guaranteed income stream for the rest of your life. AnnuityReady allows you to compare lifetime annuity quotes online.

Why use AnnuityReady?

AnnuityReady is a free to use service that lets you compare lifetime annuity quotes online across the whole of market. AnnuityReady is designed to save you time by comparing quotes for lifetime annuities, so you may secure a higher income for your pension savings.

Should I get a lifetime annuity?

If you need, or prefer, the certainty of a guaranteed retirement income with your pension savings, then a lifetime annuity may be right for you. You have the right to shop around with your personal pensions fund, so you are not restricted to take an annuity with the same company you saved with. You could find a better income with a different provider.

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AnnuityReady is designed to compare pension lifetime annuity quotes and save you time, so you can make an informed choice on the annuity that’s right for you.